Portable Mini Thermal Label Printer – Phomemo T02 Series

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Experience efficient learning with a 200 million free genuine open question bank using the Phomemo T02 series, a mini pocket printer that doesn’t require ink. It features an independently developed app designed for diverse user habits and supports 10 languages. Its versatility suits foreign trade styles, offering compatibility with Apple iOS and Android devices through a Bluetooth-enabled app. The printer, equipped with a high-quality lithium battery, effortlessly prints images, text, errors, and supports various label printing specifications.

Product Information:

  • Material: Constructed from ABS, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Style: Embraces a simple and stylish design.
  • Features: Utilizes thermal paper printing technology for efficient, inkless printing.
  • Color Options: Available in White and Pink, offering aesthetic variety.
  • Product Size: Dimensions measure 87mm×90mm×40mm, ensuring compactness for portability.
  • Connection Method: Bluetooth connectivity for seamless printing from mobile devices.
  • Print Type: Inkless thermal printing technology.
  • Compatible System: Supports Android 4.4/iOS 8.0 and above operating systems.
  • Power Supply Mode: Equipped with a 1000mAh lithium battery for convenient usage.

Model Number & Specifications:

  • Various color sets available (Green, Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, All Green).
  • Each set includes a roll of 1-meter sticky paper.
  • Additional paper options include transparent printer paper and various styles such as 50mm3.5m, 53mm6.5m, and more, catering to different needs.

Available Sets:

  • Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Yellow sets include the printer along with 4 rolls of sticky paper.
  • Each set offers a unique color printer along with a corresponding set of sticky papers for versatile printing.

Packing List:

  • One Portable Mini Thermal Label Printer (Quantity: 1 piece), ensuring convenience and flexibility in label printing.

Effortlessly handle printing tasks with the Portable Mini Thermal Label Printer – Phomemo T02 Series, equipped with versatile printing capabilities and a range of paper options, enhancing efficiency and adaptability in various usage scenarios.

Size Information:

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight0,51 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 100 cm

All green 2pcs, All green set, All green, Blue 2pcs, Blue and white paper, Blue set, Blue, Green 2pcs, Green Set1, Green Set2, Green Set3, Green Set4, Green SetA, Green SetD, Green set, Green setB, Green setC, Green, Greenset2., Greenset3., Non stick printing paper, Pink 2pcs, Pink Set1, Pink Set2, Pink Set3, Pink Set4, Pink SetA, Pink SetD, Pink and Style C, Pink set, Pink set5, Pink setB, Pink, Pinkset2., Printer paper, Set, Set1, Style A 2pcs, Style A 3pcs, Style A, Style B, Style C, Transparent Printer paper, White 2pcs, White Set1, White Set2, White Set3, White Set4, White SetA, White SetD, White set, White, Whiteset2., Yellow 2pcs, Yellow set A, Yellow set, Yellow

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