Cosmos Series Luminous Crystal Ball Night Light Desktop Ornament

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Enhance your space with the mesmerizing Cosmos Series Luminous Crystal Ball Night Light, offering a touch of celestial beauty to your surroundings.

  • Voltage: Operates at 11 (V), ensuring gentle illumination without overpowering brightness.
  • Shade Material: Crafted from crystal, creating an ethereal and captivating light display.
  • Dimensions: Comes in a Diameter of 60 (mm), offering a compact yet impactful size.
  • Switch Type: Equipped with a USB Plug-in switch for convenient operation.
  • Style: Boasts a simple and modern design, complementing various interior aesthetics seamlessly.
  • Light Colors: Available in multiple variations including Moon, Solar System, Milky Way, Saturn, Clouds, Nimbus, Santa Claus, Christmas Snowman, Football, Dandelion, and Couple designs.
  • Size Options:
    • 6cm ball + round base + astronaut push,
    • 8cm ball + round base + astronaut push,
    • 6cm ball + round base,
    • 8cm ball + round base,
    • 6cm ball,
    • 8cm ball.
  • Astronaut Size: Measures 8.56.59cm for an added decorative touch.
  • Ball Diameter: Available in an 8cm diameter, providing a mesmerizing luminous display.
  • Wooden Base Diameter: Measures 7cm, providing stable support for the crystal ball.

Packing List:

  • Crystal Ball in various size options: 6cm or 8cm with or without a round base.
  • Optional additions of a wooden base and an astronaut hand push for a complete and enchanting display.

Immerse yourself in the celestial beauty of the Cosmos Series Luminous Crystal Ball Night Light. Whether as a standalone decorative piece or as part of your night-time ambiance, this ornamental light offers a mesmerizing display that adds a touch of cosmic wonder to any space.

Additional information

Weight0,50 kg
Dimensions150 × 150 × 90 cm

Christmas Snowman, Cloud cover, Clouds, Couple, Dandelion, Football, Milky Way, Moon, Nimbus, Santa Claus, Saturn, Solar System


6cm round base astronaut, 6cm single round ball, 8cm round base, 8cm round base astronaut, 8cm single round ball, 6cm round ball


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