Ceramic Teapot – Handcrafted Filter Tea Maker

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Experience the Essence of Tradition: Embrace the beauty of tradition and quality craftsmanship with this Ceramic Teapot. Elevate your tea ritual and indulge in the rich heritage of Chinese tea-making.



Discover the elegance of ancient craftsmanship with our Ceramic Teapot:

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Ceramics, a testament to China’s rich cultural heritage, reflects the fine artistry and intricate work of ancient Chinese pottery and porcelain. Each piece undergoes a meticulous handcrafted process.
  • Natural & High-Quality: Crafted from premium soil and fired at high temperatures, this teapot embodies simplicity and purity. The natural clay ensures a smooth, defect-free surface, offering a healthy and environmentally friendly tea experience.


  • Customization Support: Available
  • Item No.: 1
  • Custom Processing: Yes
  • Patent: Not Applicable
  • Includes Tea Tray: Yes
  • Material: Porcelain

Package Content: 1 x Teapot


Ceramic Teapot blue sky
Ceramic Teapot maroon
Ceramic Teapot dark blue
Ceramic Teapot black
Ceramic Teapot white
Ceramic Teapot beige
Ceramic Teapot blue beige
Ceramic Teapot blue

Additional information

Weight0,30 kg
Dimensions200 × 170 × 150 cm

Bamboo weaving, Black, Blue, Blue and white porcelain, Chai Color, Dark Green, Flower blue, Green, Red, White Lotus, Yellow


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