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Interactive Smart Pet Feeding Toy – Slow Food Tumbler for Cats and Dogs

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Engage your pets with this innovative Smart Pet Feeding, offering hours of interactive fun during feeding time. Featuring a smart robot tumbler design, it rewards your pet’s curiosity by dispensing treats as they play. This intelligent toy helps extend feeding sessions, enhances your pet’s IQ, and promotes healthy eating habits. Crafted from durable ABS material, it’s a safe and enjoyable way to keep your furry friends entertained.


New and Enhanced Toy

Featuring an intelligent robot tumbler design with a rolling balance system, this toy stands firm without any electric drive. It engages pets by rewarding them as they push, extending feeding time and fun. The swing movement keeps the toy moving independently, offering added entertainment for cats and dogs.


Enhanced IQ and Coordination

This interactive puzzle encourages pets to use their noses or paws to engage with the toy, enhancing their IQ and coordination during mealtime.

Promotes Healthy Eating Habit

Fill this treat-dispensing toy with your pet’s favorite treats, encouraging active and healthy slow feeding that protects their gastrointestinal health.


Perfect Play Companion

Boost their enthusiasm for learning by integrating treats and playtime. This toy replaces traditional rubber toys and chew sticks, encouraging a more active and enjoyable experience for your dog while reducing destructive behavior.


Safe and Convenient

Crafted from durable ABS material, it’s safe and easy to use. Fill it with treats without assembly, clean it with warm soapy water, and air-dry after use. Ensure the treats are appropriately sized for the drain hole. Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs and cats.


Additional Notes: Treats should be smaller than 1.2cm in diameter to pass through the hole. Not recommended for domineering dogs. This is not a chew toy; it serves as an educational and interactive pet feeder.

Product information:

  • Product category: gnawing toys
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 300g
  • Color: black, lake blue, yellow, green
  • Size: 13.8 * 8 * 11cm

Packing list : Food leaker*1

Additional information

Weight0,29 kg
Dimensions150 × 85 × 120 cm

Black, Black set, Green, Green set, Lake Blue, Lake Blue set, Yellow, Yellow set

76 reviews for Interactive Smart Pet Feeding Toy – Slow Food Tumbler for Cats and Dogs

  1. X***k

    recomiendo 100 x 100

  2. Q***t

    Es genial!! A mi perro le encanta! Buen material! Llego rápido, tardo como 15 min en aprender, pero pasa mucho tiempo jugando. Lo Recomiendo ampliamente!

  3. H***g

    está muy bonito lo único que pensé que era a pilas y que los perros lo perseguían pero bueno por el resto genial

  4. J***k

    muy bien

  5. E***t

    Excelente producto, llego rapido
    no remark

  6. I***a

    Excellent product

  7. A***k

    Muy recomendable

  8. Z***w

    잘받았습니다 ^^*~

  9. X***p

    아이가 첨엔 무서워했는데 지금은 껌

  10. H***b

    Great dog toy. No battery needed. Fits only very small treats or kibble, keep that in mind. My dogs are used to plau with chewing toy, so they are learning how to use the toy and not break it under supervision.

  11. N***p

    the product as described but not working the best, the treats don’t fall easily and the dog doesn’t play with it

  12. P***l

    Все ок.
    Собака задолена.
    повністю відповідає опису. За один нахил вилітає +/- 4 шт(корм для цуценят)
    Виглядає добре, пластиковий корпус та резинові колеса.
    Іграшка класна

  13. R***n

    venía justo como está en la imagen

  14. K***x

    Very cute toy – looks just like the photo. I wish it were larger. The hole for treats is tiny and I’m not sure what I’ll be able to put in there.

  15. N***j

    Es más pequeño de lo que pensé. Tiene el tamaño adecuado para cachorros o razas pequeñas. Pero nada que no se pueda solucionar cambiando a comida de razas pequeñas. Llegó dentro del tiempo y bien embalado.
    no remarkno remark

  16. H***j

    A good product I can recommend.
    no remark

  17. U***o

    가격싸고 좋네요

  18. O***l

    Einfach nur genial

  19. D***y

    Meu cachorro amou!!! Super de qualidade e muito fofo. Meu cachorro não para de correr atrás do brinquedo. Deu vontade de comprar vários 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    no remark

  20. O***f


  21. U***q

    강아지 먹이 훈련에도 도움이 될거 같구요 사료양도 조절이 가능해서 좋습니다 장난감으로도 아이가 좋아하네요

  22. Q***l


  23. D***m

    Erg leuk speeltje voor de hond. Ze vind het erg leuk zoals die rijd. Het intrigeert haar enorm.
    no remarkno remark

  24. K***a

    배송 빠르고 좋읍니다

  25. H***l


  26. H***n

    Toy is as described. But will suit not for every breed. I can’t leave this toy with my dog because after few minutes after playing she starts to chew it. Breed is jagdterrier.

  27. T***h

    Tardó casi dos meses en llegar pero me gustó. No dejen a sus mascotas sin supervisión con el juguete. Mi perro a los dos minutos de dárselo lo rompió… Dos meses esperando para dos minutos 😪

  28. J***h

    Отличная игрушка., супер качество! Моя собачка в восторге!
    no remark

  29. Q***a

    좋아요 애기가 신나서 잘 가지고 노네용

  30. K***n

    ממש חמוד ומעסיק את הכלב צריך ללמד אותם וסך הכל מאוד אהבתי

  31. Q***i


  32. A***s

    요놈 물건이네요.
    오자마자 사용해봤는데 바로 가지고 노네요.^^
    사료도 잘 나오고 신통방통합니다.
    가격대비 좋은 상품 입니다.
    상품 배송 만족합니다.

  33. E***l


  34. D***w

    강아지 너무 좋아함

  35. Y***o

    잘 가지고 놀아요

  36. K***e

    חמוד מאוד, לכלב לקח זמן עד שהבין
    no remarkno remark

  37. U***k

    로리가 좋아 합니다. 가득 체웠는데
    뚝딱 해치움…헉!~
    no remark

  38. J***i

    우리 강쥐가 너무 잘 가지고 놀아요~~
    완전 좋아요

  39. P***n

    My cat loves it

  40. I***q

    buen producto, aún no lo pruebo espero les guste a los cachorros

  41. X***n


  42. D***e

    wird sehr gut angenommen, habe es gleich nochmal geholt

  43. R***r

    Rápido envie, excelente producto

  44. J***z

    Chegou rápido e bem embalado aqui no Brasil!
    O brinquedo é otimo! Funciona perfeitamente! Meu cachorro adorou, mas tem medo kkkkkk
    A qualidade do produto é muito boa! Recomendo!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  45. Q***u

    Accurate Product!

  46. E***s

    구매후 이틀만에 망가졌어요. 저희 강아지가 와일드하네요.

  47. T***b

    werkt zeer goed

  48. I***n

    Muy buen producto

  49. N***z

    de muy buena calidad

  50. K***k

    강아지가 좋아해용 사세용
    no remark

  51. D***l

    Muy bueno

  52. D***n

    Amazing product!

  53. K***i

    El robot está súper!
    no remark

  54. K***s

    Muito bom recomendo bastante

  55. V***o

    Все прошло отлично!Спасибо

  56. N***j

    포장 상태가 아주 사용해보진않음 아직
    no remark

  57. G***q

    Good product to keep my puppy engaged

  58. S***r

    super, 30 min übung, mit meinem Kater.
    Neues ritual am morgen, so ist die Katze einwenig beschäfftigt und vermisst uns weniger. zu empfehlen!!

  59. F***n

    Very cool stuff! Shipment was fast.
    Took 5-10mins for my dog to discover (29kg male Hungarian Vizsla).
    That’s a good distraction for the dog.

  60. H***s

    강아지가 좋아해요~
    그런데 사료나오는 구멍이커서 사료가 막 나오긴하지만~
    그래도 잘가지고 노네요~
    no remark

  61. X***g

    Amazing Toy, the dog loves it!

  62. N***b

    Muito lindinho! Aind anao testei com meus gatos, mas veio em perfeito estado e acompanha um manual.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  63. E***r

    Excellent! My dog loves it
    no remarkno remark

  64. N***i


  65. P***q

    מאוד חמוד

  66. X***k

    Minha cadela está adorando. Aprendeu rapidamente!

  67. P***y

    저렴하게 잘 샀음 추천
    no remark

  68. J***k

    excellente qualité

  69. R***b

    Muito fofo este robozinho, minha cadelinha amou, mas tenho que guardar assim que ela termina de brincar, pois ela quer ficar mordendo o brinquedo e acaba danificando. Simplesmente amamos 🥰
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  70. R***f

    llegó excelente y a mi perrito le encantó!!!!
    no remark

  71. V***h


  72. M***l

    좋네요 좋아

  73. I***e

    my little dog loves this toy & it keeps her busy for hours.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  74. G***c

    Good product
    no remark

  75. P***o

    Producto tal cual lo describen. Material muy resistente. Mi peluda se entretiene a la hora de comer y no come en 2 segundos. Si tu peludo es de los que devoran, lo recomiendo. Eso si, el tamaño de las bolas de pienso debe ser pequeño

  76. Z***m

    llegó muy rápido y mi perrito es muy feliz
    no remark

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